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I don't remember when I first saw The Big Easy with Dennis Quaid and Ellen Barkin - but it remains one of my favorite movies.

So when I heard that they were making a tv series based on it, I was ready to like it. Oh - I knew it would be different from the movie, but still ...
Since there's this site, I guess you know I liked the series too ;-)

Jambalaya as the series was called in Denmark started airing June 1998, and I still have most of the episodes on VHS, and I started making a Big Easy fan site in June 2001.

Unfortunately I never really figured out how to convert tapes to digital, so the fan site was mainly info. Through they years I've gotten lucky and found some nice pictures from the series on ebay - 12 promo photos and 44 slides (that I have yet to scan). The only time I ever got cheated on ebay was when someone was selling the TV series press kit. He had lousy feedback, but he was the only seller that I had ever seen offer the PK, so I took a chance ...

I also never saw the official website from the USA network - somehow the wayback engine doesn't have a copy.

In the years since I made the website, I have gotten several requests for copies of the episodes, so I hope all of you are buying the DVDs!
To be honest, I wasn't too sure season two would be released, and I'm very happy to be proven wrong.

I picked the colors gold/yellow, green and purple because they are the Mardi Gras colors. And added red.

About me

I actually visited New Orleans in 1976 after I finished high school (yes, I haven't been a teenager for a while ...) so the movie and the series just cemented my interest.

The interest has caused me to acquire a nice collection of mystery novels set in New Orleans and a few Anne Rice novels, as well as books about New Orleans. I might also have a few more movies set in New Orleans ... and quite a few movies starring Dennis Quaid.

Never having lived there, I realise that I have a romantisized view of the city - but I DO know it's not all Vieux Carré and Cajun and Creole - but hey - you gotta start somewhere, and I've never mistaken neither the movie nor the series for being documentaries.

I enjoy making websites and I probably have too many now to keep them all current, but it's better than no site, right? And yes, the Tony Crane fan site is also one of mine. Fortunately there are fan sites about Dennis Quaid, so I don't have to make one about him.

I live in Denmark and I have Mardi Gras beads hanging from the chandelier in my kitchen and I chased down a copy of 'Rag and Bone' because it's set in New Orleans.

12 September 2008

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