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13 September 2008
Detective Remy McSwain - 35 episodes
Played by Tony Crane
The youngest detective in the NOPD.
Remy had a large family, including a baby sister named Maddie who we saw a couple of times on the series - she was a waitress at a crawfish restaurant.
He loved his blue Eldorado.
Had a stuffed toy alligator called Willie - like in the movie.
He lived in the French Quarter (unlike in the movie), in old slave quarters.
He had a fountain in his courtyard, lived on the first floor.
His bed had iron work/bars and Mardi Gras beads hanging on the bedpost.
Remy was scared of snakes.
He sometimes played harmonica at the Blue Spot.
He had different details(extra jobs): Manager for Smiley, bodyguard for a congressman, security at a debutante ball

Assistant District Attorney Anne Osborne - 22 episodes, season one
Played by Susan Walters.
Originally from up North.
She came to New Orleans to help with a case of police corruption. After the case ended, she got a job offer and decided to stay. Remy had implied that he was the one who made the new job happen.
Anne was allergic to shellfish.
Left her fiance, Jeffery Stodermayer III back in Washington.

Chief C.D.LeBlanc (Clarence Darrel) - 35 episodes
Played by Barry Corbin
He was Remy's boss and also a kind of father-figure.
He married Remy's daddy's sister but became a widower.
His hobby was Civil War re-enactment.
Loved smoking cigars.
For 10 years, he conducted a platonic affair with a married woman.

Smiley Dupree - 35 episodes - I think ...
Played by Eric George.
Smiley played the trumpet and at one point, Remy's detail was being his manager - not a very good one, as I recall.
In season 2, it seemed Smiley almost worked for the police

Detective Darlene Broussard - 13 episodes, season one
Played by Karla Tamburelli
Remy's partner. According to Remy, Darlene went to the university of Baton Rouge on a half scholarship for twirling (1x01). She drinks her coffee with one cream and three sugars.
Darlene was a former gypsy (showdancer) - she still auditioned, and sometimes practiced her dance routines at the precinct ..... in costume.
Dressed as Bo Peep for Mardi Gras.
Was on the lookout for husband #4.

District Attorney "Lightnin'" Hawkins - 13 episodes, season one
Played by Troy Bryant
Together with Anne Osborne the guy who always tried to catch out Remy.
We heard different explanations of his nickname Lightnin' - but meanwhile, we never learned his real first name.

Detective Janine Rebbenack - 13 episodes, season two
Played by Leslie Bibb
Replaced the Anne Osborne character from season one.
Remy and Janine had a mentor/student relationship, with no flirtation.
I sure missed the flirting.

Recurring Guest Stars

Bartender - Debria
Played by Dr. Debria Brown
First appeared in episode 1x02, and listed as playing Bartender.
In later episodes, she was listed as playing Debria.
Debria Brown was an opera singer, mezzo, and a University professor. Her first major performance was in 1958,when she sang the title role in "Carmen" at the New York City Opera center. Ms Brown moved to Germany where she had an opera career in Europe. She continued to perform new and exciting works throughout her career. She was also a teacher of singing, and a faculty member of the University of Houston's Moores School of Music

Ti-Bob - Remy's cousin
Played by Jim Chimento
Played Freddie Angelo in The Big Easy movie.
Was the first of Remy's relatives to appear on screen in episode 1x01 - he was one of the cops at the crime scene.
On Stageclick he currently lists his occupation as Fire Inspector.

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