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As often happens, the episodes didn't air in the sequence intended by the Big Easy production. According to production numbers, as well as the sequence used elsewhere, "Driving Miss Money" is the third episode, and since it also makes sense storywise, that's how I've listed it.

According to the airdates list found at www.Epguides.com, "Driving Miss Money" aired as number 17, which makes no sense storywise.

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05 September 2008

First Season
Episode title Synopsis
1 1x01 Pilot
Heißes Pflaster New Orleans, DE
Bienvenue à la Nouvelle-Orléans, FR
Why is assistant District Attorney Anne Osborne in New Orleans? Looking to protect the wildlife? Or to expose corruption in the New Orleans Police Department?
Writer: Jacqueline Zambrano - Director: James Frawley
2 1x02 A murder in mind
Abgezockt, DE
Prédiction mortelle, FR
Anne Osborne moves back to New Orleans to take a job as a special liaison at the DA's office. Her first job is a bizarre case - a murder predicted by a psychic, one of Remy's friends.
3 1x03 Driving Miss Money
Vergiftet, DE
A chauffeur is accused of murdering his female employer
4 1x04 Cinderfella
Lucky Chang, DE
When a groom is murdered during his bachelor party, the prime suspect is a local transvestite
5 1x05 A dead man is hard to find
Sabotage, DE
The stepfather of a young debutante dies in a plane crash
6 1x06 Hotshot
Blues im Blut, DE
A rising young blues musician is murdered and a blind bluesman comes forward to identify the killer as the devil
7 1x07 Stodermayer
Die Stripperin, DE
When Anne's fiance shows up in New Orleans, it throws Remy into a surprising alliance with his rival.
8 1x08 The gambler
Der Spieler, DE
Le Flambeur, FR
Remy tries to stop an old friend from gambling, but is drawn in to a Treasury Department investigation.
9 1x09 Crawdaddy
Der König der Schalentiere, DE
La Belle Héritière, FR
Remy is thrown together with the beautiful young widow of the wealthiest dead man in the city.
10 1x10 The love doctor
Doktorspiele, DE
Docteur Amour, FR
Anne's sister is the prime suspect following the murder of a local radio DJ.
11 1x11 That voodoo that you do
Voodoo, DE
Sous l´emprise du vaudou, FR
Remy and Michelle? investigate the murder of a young businessman.
12 1x12 Snakedance
Der Tanz der Schlange, DE
La Danse du serpent, FR
When a new-age guru is found dead in a hotel suite, the cause of death is identified as a snakebite and a murder hunt begins.
13 1x13 Big life
Tödliche Melodie, DE
Remy must save the Blue Spot and its customers from a bomber who has just escaped from jail and is holding everyone in the bar hostage.
14 1x14 Master of illusion
Blutige Illusionen, DE
Le Maître de l’illusion, FR
When Anne's friend believes she has witnessed a murder, Remy sets out to prove that it was nothing more than an illusion.
15 1x15 Long and short
(alt: The long and the short of it)
Ausgetrickst, DE
As Remy and Anne investigate the murder of a con man, they become caught up in a complicated scam.
16 1x16 Lafitte, Don't Fail Me Now
Spuren der Vergangenheit, DE
Les Ailes de la nuit, FR
When Remy investigates the murder of two treasure hunters, he gets more than he bargained for
17 1x17 Don't shoot the piano player
Eine heiße Braut, DE
Ne tirez pas sur le pianiste, FR
Remy sets out to protect an old friend from the Mob.
18 1x18 Ghost of the Prickly Rose
Das Todeshaus, DE
La Malédiction de Rose, FR
When a man is murdered at a mansion rumoured to be haunted, Remy has to prove that a ghost was not responsible.
19 1x19 Gatoraide
Die Waffenschmugglerin, DE
Remy investigates a gun smuggling ring.
20 1x20 Vamps Like Us
Blutiger Kult, DE
Remy investigates the mysterious death of a journalist.
21 1x21 One Little Indian
Im Namen der Tradition, DE
An Indian chief is murdered and Smiley's uncle is the prime suspect.
22 1x22 The Fabulous Bill Brothers
Ausgeliefert, DE
Remy and Anne are taken hostage by a pair of brothers hungry for justice.
Second Season
Episode title Synopsis
23 2x01 A streetcar with desire
Die Frau in Rot, DE
When a prominent New Orleans attorney is murdered, Remy must investigate.
24 2x02 Heavenly body
Verschlossene Türen, DE
Une fille de rêve, FR
Missing Persons is not Remy's department, but he's unable to refuse to help when beautiful Eve Davenport insists she needs the best to find her sister Lacey.
25 2x03 Moscow on the Mississippi
Russische Affäre, DE
Moscou sur le Mississippi, FR
Remy is sent to investigate the murder of a parish priest and the disappearance of a priceless Russian Cross.
26 2x04 Platinum blond
Schmutziges Spiel, DE
Blonde platine, FR
Remy tries to help a beautiful woman who is determined to confess to a crime she didn't commit.
27 2x05 Yellow queen in the fires of Hell
Alte Flammen, DE
Reine de cœur, FR
A black widow serial killer terrorises New Orleans.
28 2x06 Night Music
Tödliche Serenade, DE
Sonate pour un flic, FR
Remy's old friend and partner, detective Tony Remington, helps him find the killer of a gambler.
29 2x07 A Perfect Day for Buffalo Fish
Das letzte Menü, DE
Grande cuisine à Bourbon Street, FR
At the end of a banquet, Big Nick, one of the most famous chefs of New Orleans, drops dead of a heart attack. Or was he poisoned?
30 2x08 The Gospel According to McSwain
Das Lied vom Tod, DE
Gospel à New Orleans
Record producer Hess is found dead backstage at a Jazz Club. He had just signed singer Cassandra and several people are unhappy about that.
31 2x09 Son o'McSwain
Ausgesetzt, DE
McSwain et fils, FR
A baby is droppped off outside the doors of Remy's precinct with a note that Remy is the father. Strangely enough, other men also claim to be the father, but none have any idea where the mother is.
32 2x10 Begirled
Die Honigfalle, DE
Les Belles de Rosewood, FR
Three beautiful criminals escape, trying to find the loot they left behind. They kidnap Remy and C.D., Smiley and Janine only have a short time to find and rescue him.
33 2x11 End of the World
Tag der Abrechnung, DE
La Fin du monde, FR
A mad bomber wants to destroy New Orleans, but not people. Janine gets too close to him and he takes her hostage. Can Remy save her?
34 2x12 Shrimp Stew
Krabbenjagd, DE
Arnaques chez les dockers, FR
A truck containing 4 tons of shrimp at a value of $120 a kilo is stolen. If the shrimp are not recovered, the fourth-generation owned "Mullen Seafood" will have to close. Oh - and a driver is murdered too.
Yukiko from Japan arrives at the Blue Spot, claiming to be Smiley's mail order bride.
35 2x13 The Black Bag
Tod auf der Straße,DE
Le Sac mystérieux, FR
A streeetkid steals an unattended bag and finds that's it's full of money, but one minute later, he's run down. His friend takes off with the money, but now she's the one in danger.

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