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Big Easy the TV series - Links

The Big Easy on IMDB
The Big Easy at TV.com
The Big Easy on DigiGuide

Cast sites

Tony Crane - fan site
BarryCorbin.com - his official site

Crew sites

James Frawley - an interview with the director of the pilot episode - no mention of the Big Easy, but still interesting
Jeff Galpin's Cajun Stunts
John Ashker's StuntCoordination

Other New Orleans Movies and TV series

Orleans, starring Larry Hagman, 7 episodes only.
Louisiana Film and TV list from LSU
List of movie filmed in New Orleans - a list on Amazon by Jeffrey M. Miller.

Music Links

Louisiana Music Factory's link page to LOTS of musicians - this is the only link collection you will need for all your New Orleans music needs.
Wikipedia on Wardell Quezergue
Small youtube clip with Wardell Quezergue, co-writer of the first season theme.

Book Links

- being books set in New orleans and about New Orleans
Tony Fennelly - a New Orleans residens, both her mystery series are set in New Orleans.
O'Neil De Noux - a New Orleans native with several New Orleans mysteries to his credit
Mystery Readers 1996 New Orleans issue - still available to backorder
A list of Louisiana Mystery Authors
New Orleans Noir mysteries - a list on Amazon by Patrick Burnett

Miscellaneous New Orleans links

Moviemaker on filming in New Orleans - 1999 September 4.
You know you're a New Orleans Native if ... - from Chuck Taggart's Gumbo Pages
New Orleans dialect - which is not Cajun
New Orleans magazine Where Y'at - all the local links you could want
1109 lists on Amazon containing the words New Orleans
NOLA.com New Orleans LA Local News
New Orleans Metblogs - by real people
NOLAFunGuide - for Greater New Orleans Arts, Entertainment and Fun
Lot's of Louisiana photos - thumbnails only

Miscellaneous Links

GrossoJacobson.com - the company that produced The Big Easy
The Big Easy in Jump the Shark
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