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Like in the movie, the music also played a big role in the TV series.

The first season theme written by Wardell Quezergue & Chief "Smiley" Ricks.
The second season theme written by Steven D. Reynolds

Music consultant and Licensing: Ultrasonic

Music in each episode

1x01, The Big Easy - pilot:
“I'll Drink ta dat” - written and performed by Kermit Ruffins
“Monday Night in New Orleans” - written by van Winkle & Sherman, performed by Kermit Ruffins
“Make a Better World” - written and performed by Earl King
“Door Poppin'” - written and performed by Carol Fran & Clarence Hollimon

1x02, A Murder in Mind
“I need to be be'd with” - written and performed by Carol Fran & Clarence Holliman

1x03, Driving Miss Money
"Bang-2" - written and performed by El Timo
"Still Going Down the Road" - written and performed by Tab Benoit

1x04, Cinderfella
"New Dark Ages" - written by Ed Volker, performed by The Radiators.
"Elmo the Swinging Ghost" - written and performed by Willie Metcalf.
"My Love is Strong" - written by Earl Kings, performend by Snooks Eaglin.

1x05, A Dead Man is Hard to Find
"L.O.V.E.U." - written and performed by Soul Rebels
"Drinkin' Dragon's Blood" - written by Ed Volker, performed by The Radiators
"Big Chief Part Two" - written by Earl King Johnson, performed by Professor Longhair & Earl King
"It Happened" - written by Willie Metcalf, performed by Willie Metcalf and Karla Tamburrelli

Artists and Bands featured in the series

Alphabetically listed by last name. If it's a duo, it's listed by the first person's last name - and Professor Longhair is listed by his title ;-)

Tab Benoit
Snooks Eaglin
Carol Fran & Clarence Hollimon
Earl King
Willie Metcalf
Wilie Metcalf and Karla Tamburrelli
Professor Longhair & Earl King
The Radiators
Kermit Ruffins
Soul Rebels
El Timo

Music Suggestions:

If you like the music, you might also enjoy the soundtrack from the movie Passion Fish.
Or perhaps the 4 CD box set from Louisiana Music Factory.
It's called Doctors, Professors, Kings & Queens : Big Ol' Box Of New Orleans. At $59.99 it's not cheap, but I'm sure it's worth it - the content list includes several of the names from the Big Easy tv series.

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05 September 2008

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