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Big Easy the TV series - Quotes

Part of the charm of the show for me, was the witty repartee and Southern expressions.
It might have been TV accents but I don't care!

The quotes are also listed on the pages for each episode, but I thought it would be useful to have them all listed in one place.

1x01, written by Jacqueline Zambrano:

Remy: Last night when I held you in my arms, you were hotter than grandmother's gumbo!

Anne: I haven't had much luck with sex.
Remy: Your luck's about to change.

Remy: Taking my bayou-by-night tour of corrupt politicians?

Octave: (About Remy) Knife in the belt, Derringer in the ankle holster and if that don't work, piss on them.

Anne: Don't you ever sleep?
Remy: Only when the music stops, Chère.

Darlene: Detective Remy McSwain - never met a dead man he didn't know.

Remy: (used as a farewell) Allons danser y'all!

Anne: Is there anyone in this town you're not related to?
Remy: I don't think so.

Remy: Bag the knife and bring the beignets.

Darlene: That's Remy - like the cognac - smooth yet strong.

Remy: Why Anne - you look white as a beignet before it's fried!

Anne: Let's get something straight, Remy. I'm not falling for your southern-fried Rhett Butler act!

1x10, The Love Doctor, written by Laurence Frank:

Smiley: Well, if you must know, I've got a BA in flirtation, a Masters in Seduction and a Doctorate in Desire

1x13, Big Life, written by Sherry Ziff Lester:

Darlene: You're kidding! I'm gonna spend the rest of Mardi Gras in a pantry with a sheep?

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